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Well, Hello there...

I'm like crazy hype to be writing my first blog post ... This is like a early Christmas gift to myself. I thought about all the stuff that I wanted to say... Like do I talk about my photography business, do I talk about my life or my very fine husband? Heck, I don't have a clue So this going to be my "Hello" post. Ive been told that since I moved to TN, I have a very southern accent . So in my best southern bell voice.. Hey Ya'll! ( Yes,

yall is definitely a word) Super excited doesn't cut it when talking about how hype I am that I get to share my work with you. I get to take you with me as I am capturing love stories or shooting a woman as she awakens her sexy at her Stilettos & Lace Boudoir shoot... We are going to have an absolute ball ... and hopefully if you're digging my style I can become your photographer for some amazing memories in your world.

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